If Crosby has to get his pants tailored do you think he gets his pockets expanded too? Like he’s working toward being able to hide his whole body in an emergency pocket one day? So when people start approaching him he just goes into his pocket and the fan is like “what the fuck I thought I saw Sid but it’s actually just a huge pocket. Woah this fucked me up.”

i started reading this and thought it was about me and then i realized hockey exists.

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The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.
Gloria Steinem 
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My favorite thing about marching band is that one of the first things they tell you is ‘If a judge is in your way, run them over’


who wore it best?

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Song: Can't Help Falling In Love
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like a river flows surely to the sea
darling so it goes some things
are meant to be


I was at the movies and an usher asked what movie we were going to see and I said “maleficent” and he was like “that’s the one with snow white right?” and I said “no sleeping beauty” and he was like “You’re in the movie?” and I was like “no sleeping beauty” and it took me way too long to realize that was smooth as fuck and I was dumb as hell

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this girl injected with the truth serum 


christmas is so much worse as you get older it’s like “what do you want this year?” “a sense of purpose”

happy freedom

happy freedom

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